Title tbd.

Thesis Exhibition


Untitled , digital print, cyanotype, image transfer, and gouache on canvas, 38x58’’, 2021.

This untitled artwork is one from a current series of process-driven paintings exploring my early childhood memories. Interested in ideas rooted in allowing anonymity, my process uses meticulousness and spontaneity to create abstracted images, allowing the viewer release into belief and imagination. I want the viewer immersed in an abstracted environment with a playful aura embracing being child-like.

Imagery sourced from my childhood blankets, games, and toys create the foundation for my mixed-media paintings. This painting has a grid structure to reflect quilts and my family’s textiles. I work with physical and digital processes to create a relationship between youthful gestures, like in painting, with the noise, static, and distortion of digitization. In combining these processes, I want to evoke an experience reminiscent of my youth growing up on digital devices.

The life cycle of my work is not definitive but continues as material and informs the next. Using the same imagery as the previous work, this painting will be the material and influence of this series’s next iteration.


Other Works

                                There’s A Mess on the Kitchen Floor..., digital image transfer and gouache on wood, 11x12’’, 2021.

Naive Daisy, Frame Animation, 3x4’’, 2021.